Top 10 Latest Smart Phones Available Before The Holidays

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The winter holidays fast approaching and producers of phone goes straight to the deals with their best stuff for the shopping fever. Large technology players such as HTC, Apple, Motorola and Samsung GSM or large international carriers have launched or are in the process of liberation in their stores last prototype gadgets and smartphones. November seems to be the debut month of many smartphones.

 How do you decide and choose between multitudes of smartphones more advanced than others. iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, MeeGo, BlackBerry OS, etc. Did you know that there were so many? But here are some top rated smartphones, take a look and let us know your opinion.

 1. iPhone 4S

 When a whole world was waiting for the new iPhone 5, the engineers at Apple unveiled iPhone 4S to change. But that was not the last surprise; the big surprise is that the iPhone 4S terminal is not so different than the existing model on the market. 4S the new iPhone is faster than the previous iPhone model has a camera with higher resolution screen and personal assistant called Siri able to effectively respond to voice commands. Siri is able to respond back to some questions like “Where do you find good pizza?” Or “Do I need an umbrella today?” But here is where iPhone 4S clearly outperforms its predecessor, the iPhone 4 from the graphical view iPhone 4S seven times faster than the iPhone 4, and the game more optimized.

 The good news is that despite the emphasis will still Siri questions no precise English, Siri also speak French, but we can not say how good it is. The download speed 4S iPhone is twice as fast as the iPhone 4 and is 14.4 MbpsAlso, the new Apple product comes with a dual-core A5 can be found even in the iPad 2, also the wireless connection has improved. They say the battery life compared to the iPhone 4, but have received conflicting reports about the end times, and even Apple confirms iPhone 4S have problems with battery life.

 When it comes to video quality, we can say that the iPhone 4S is capable of recording a movie in high definition at 1080p, which is progress compared to the iPhone 4 720p. After 15 months of long wait Apple has released the new iPhone model in hopes of maintaining its leadership position against the competition that sells phones with Android operating system.

 Worldwide over 100 million iPhone units were sold, and according to a new survey 41% of iPhone owners 4 that a new model, and only 15% of them opt for the cheaper 16 GB iPhone 4S . In the U.S., iPhone 16 GB $ 199.00 4S costs, the 32 GB model costs $ 299.00 and the 64 GB model costs $ 399.00.

2. Samsung Galaxy Nexus

 Samsung has launched its first ice Cream Sandwich Android mobile phone, and the company aims to take the lead ahead of Apple’s new facial recognition software. The latest mobile operating system from Google is what makes the difference between these two smartphones the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4S, analysts say.
Among the best features of the new Samsung Nexus allows you to navigate through your old mail, without even being connected to the Internet and mobile payments support. Samsung Nexus S has a 5 MP camera and a 1. 2 GHz, the device is also equipped with a vocal assist function called Iris. Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus is around U.S. $ 649.00.

3. Samsung Galaxy S II

 With a slim design and low power consumption, Samsung Galaxy S II is to continue the huge success that Korea-based Company had with the previous model. Having a 4.3-inch (or 4. From 65 inches in the U.S. and other areas) Samsung Galaxy S II screen is equipped with the new Android Gingerbread and two cameras, one with 2 MP autoportrait and and another with 8 MP autofocus and high-definition recording. The key price Samsung Galaxy S II is about $ 540.

 4. Motorola Razr Droid

 Motorola has managed to build the thinnest smartphone on the market, except for the top of the device that is standing out of line, so that Motorola is back in business with the Razr Droid. The mobile device has a 4.3 inch screen and has access to MotoCast and icloud-like file-sharing service.

5. Bionic Droid

 The reviews have been very impressive for this Bionic Dronic Motorola, which now is one of the most powerful phones on the market, but the only bad reports we have received lately is the Blur Bionic Skin for Android. You might wonder what is this…. the phone becomes a little awkward when used. Anyway, if you are on Verizon and looking for a true beast, Motorola Droid Bionic is your best option. A two-year contract from Verizon mobile device makes the cost $ 299.99

 6. 4G HTC Sensation

 T-Mobile has a sales star is raising and the feeling is the best phone HTC Android T-Mobile at the moment. It runs HTC Sense 3. 0 of the skin instead of gingerbread Android and powerful enough to cure and is by far the best Android smartphone T-Mobile carrier at the time. The price with two year contract from T-Mobile is $ 199.99.

 7. T-Mobile G2X

 This phone is the device is now regarded as the best T-Mobile has to offer, has recently received rave reviews. It comes with a dual core processor 1 GHz and the camera is capable of recording Full HD video at 1080p. The price of this phone with two year contract with T-Mobile is $ 99.99.

 8. Motorola Photon 4G

 Sprint now has Motorola’s latest mega-strong 4G mobile device, which is the Motorola Photon 4G, QHD display with a bright and a dual core processor is very similar to Motorola Atrix 2. If you buy it unlocked you can use in GSM networks worldwide that makes this handset to be global. Recent studies confirm that Motorola Photon 4G is one of the best Android phones Sprint at this time. Photon 4G Motorola Price is $ 199 with a new two-year Sprint GSM operator.

 9. Samsung Infuse 4G

 Back in May, when it was released smartphone from Samsung, the Infuse 4G mobile device like a monster, with its 4.5 inch screen perfectly allowing movies to go. But now we have even more shows from Samsung. Now the Samsung Infuse looks and feels a bit small in comparison, but it’s still quite mobile as the rest of the Galaxy line, but in a different package. If you want to feel me all the way to check what packages and decide for yourself: the Samsung Media Hub, Video Player, Android 2.2 Froyo, Android Market, everything. You can get this smartphone for $ 99.99 with two year contract from AT & T.

 10. Motorola Atrix 2

 Motorola had a different approach to the Atrix 2, since the objectives of the average consumers instead of focusing on high-end enterprise devices. This mobile device comes with a bigger screen 4.3, Android 2.3 and is ready in the price of only $ 100.

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