Five Great Apps Being Ported To Blackberry 10

Blackberry 10

Research In Motion is going all-in with its new BlackBerry 10 operating system, and they’re making a big push to beef up the application market for users. Not only has RIM made an offer of a free PlayBook tablet and developer package for those willing to write new apps for the BB10 OS, they’re also making it lucrative for owners of existing apps for other devices to port them over to BlackBerry. As time goes on, more and more apps will be ported to BlackBerry App World, but in the meantime, here are five of the most exciting new apps coming to BB10. Get detailed information about the applications that can be used on any operating system, on this website:

Chain Word:

Word game aficionados will love Chain Word, a clever word game that starts players off with a short three or four letter word and then challenges them to build off of it continuously by adding, swapping, and removing letters. The longer a player goes, the larger their point multiplier gets, but a ticking time limit keeps the pressure high.

Native social media:

What’s exciting about social media application? Every system has apps for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the like. The native social media applications of BB10 themselves aren’t the exciting part.  The exciting part is the way they integrate with BB10 that has BlackBerry lovers drooling. Using the Flow functionality built into the new OS, all of a users email, social media, and BBM are integrated into one inbox. The Peek function allows users to swipe their thumb across the corner of the screen to get an instant peek at it all without having to close any apps they have running.


Fans of Herbie, the lazy ladybug star of Flycraft, will be happy to know that he game has been ported and approved for BlackBerry 10. Flycraft challenges users to help a ladybug who doesn’t want to use his own wings to fly find a number of fun and creative flying machines to help him get airborne. This game is a BlackBerry OS exclusive, giving BB10 users something to hold over their iPhone and Android using friends.

Lifebox 365:

Lifebox 365 is a highly innovative and easy to use goal tracking app designed to help users set and reach goals in their daily lives. The theory behind Lifebox is that the journey to reaching a goal is as important as the destination itself. Based on that, Lifebox allows users to set goals and then create timelines of photos and audio, recounting the entire mission from start to finish. The app integrates with social media to allow users to broadcast their goals and mark completions for all to see. To get more information regarding different applications which work on blackberry 10 efficiently visit this website:

Jetpack Joyride:

This now-classic game app puts users in control of a disgruntled bureaucrat running wild through his workplace – a secret laboratory – using a jetpack! While flying around, wreaking havoc, and avoiding laboratory security, the bureaucrat – named Barry Steakfries – can collect coins and use them to purchase a number of items. This game is a favourite of iOS and Android users, and having it available in BlackBerry App World is a huge plus for BB10.

Five Great Apps Blackberry 10

Research In Motion is claiming that over 70,000 apps will be available for BlackBerry 10 as of launch, meaning that these five, while exciting, are just a drop in the ocean of what will be available for BlackBerry users. For a company that has been criticized in the past for not offering enough in the way of apps, RIM has really done a great job at turning the ship around with BB10. From promotions to draw in app developers, to massive “Port-A-Thons” aimed at getting as many apps ported over to BB10 as possible, RIM has made serious strides toward putting BB10 on equal footing with iOS and Android. Now it’s just a matter of sitting back and waiting for the sales numbers to see if their big play will pay off. Do not forget to visit this website  for detailed information about the best applications for your android.