What Can You Do with a Shipping Container?

Shipping Container

When you think of uses for a shipping container, the first and perhaps only thing that comes to mind is to use it to ship cargo overseas. However, you can use a shipping container for a number of different things. These sturdy metal rectangles can be purchased or rented depending on what your needs are, and they can often be modified for various purposes by adding windows, doors, roller doors, shelving, and more. Here are a few things you can do with one of these containers.

Personal Storage

Did you know you can purchase a shipping container to put in your backyard? In some cases, this may be more affordable than buying a storage shed or constructing another small building. A shipping container is a good size, so you will have plenty of space to keep unused furniture, lawn equipment, various tools, items used for hobbies, and more. These containers can be modified, so it’s easy enough to have one created that fits all of your needs.

A Spare Room

Some people put their home office in a shipping container. If you’ve had an electrical system and a ventilation system added to one, it can become the perfect home office or work space. As an area that is separate from the rest of your house, it’s a space you can dedicate to work without any interruptions. You can even decorate your shipping container so that it feels a little more homey and comfortable, making it the perfect getaway.

If one of your grown children is living with you temporarily or while finishing his or her education, shipping containers can easily be transformed into small personal living spaces. While you may not be able to add a shower or toilet to one, you can create a living space that offers plenty of privacy. You could have roller doors installed on one side and create a living area that can be opened up to the outside as well.

A Workshop

You can also transform a shipping container into a workshop by adding electricity, workbenches, and shelving. You’ll be able to keep all of your tools and raw materials here, and painted items can be left here to dry without worrying that someone will bump them. Even better, you can have your work area moved as needed. Having a mobile workshop can be very useful for construction companies.

Small Food Stands

Another business use for a small shipping container is to have open-up shutters installed that allow you to use the container as a food stand or small shop. Customers can walk up to the stand and order through the window. The shutters form a nice metal awning above this space, protecting your customers from any rain or bright sunlight. Small containers can be easily moved from place to place, allowing you to quickly set up your food stand at any event.

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