6 Tips For Sinus Headache Relief

Sinus Headache Relief

Causes of a sinus headache

There are many different causes of a sinus headache. A change in the weather, allergies, teeth and jaw problems, and the common cold are all potential factors.

Although it’s possible to get sinus headaches at any time of the year, you may notice that you mainly suffer from symptoms at certain times. As an example, in the summer when the pollen count is high, or at the beginning of winter when the air pressure changes.

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6 Tips for sinus headache relief:


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It’s important that you drink fluids on a regular basis to relieve the symptoms of sinus headaches. Drinks such as water and herbal teas, can assist in nasal decongestion, allowing you to breath easier and lower the inflammation which is a major cause of sinus headaches.

Hot water

For many years, sinus headache sufferers have been using hot water for almost instant relief. How does this work? Simply fill up a bowl with hot water and then cover your head with a towel while placing your face over the bowl. The steam from the hot water is great for your nasal passages, and in no time at all your sinus headache will be a distant memory.


It’s also a good idea to invest in a good humidifier for your home. The humid air helps to soothe your nasal passages and allows them to drain easier, reducing inflammation and easing your sinus headache.

No smoking

Without a doubt, you should avoid any type of smoke when suffering from sinus headaches. This means quitting cigarettes if you are currently a smoker, and staying away from other people when they are smoking. If there are smokers living in your house, then consider asking them politely to smoke outside.

Polluted air

If you live in a large city or an area affected by pollution, then this may be a major cause of your sinus headaches. With this in mind, you may want to take frequent trips to the coast or countryside,

so, you can inhale lots of clean and fresh air for relief. If the problem gets bad, then a move away from the area you are currently living in may be your only option.

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