Top 10 Travel Destinations Around The World 2022

Travel Destinations

Tourism is the greatest industry in the world now. People love to travel and want to see and explore the beauty of nature. This world is full of so many magical places that attract millions of people toward them all over the globe. The passionate travellers do a god research before going to the places. They want to know about the famous and lovely places in the world where they can satisfy themselves with the beauty of nature. I am here to tell you the top 10 travel destinations you must see. Here you go

Niagara falls:

At the borders of USA and Canada these water falls gives an amazing view. They are at height of 70 to 188 feet spilling about six million cubic feet of water. They are famous for their sheer power and attract many tourists from all over the world.

Niagara falls

Disney world’s magic kingdom:

It is on the hit list of the families all over the world. It is the most visited theme park in the world. The distinctive feature of this kingdom is the “Cinderella castle” having a moat and angels on its sides. You will be amazed by the magical beauty of the park

Disney world’s magic kingdom

Grand bazar, Istanbul:

It is Not only the travel attraction but also a shopping spot. You will find variety of intricately patterned carpets, byzantine-style jewelry, copperware, gold and hand painted ceramics. It has the exciting feature which is its 15th century vaulted walkways.

grand bazaar istanbul

Tokyo Disneyland:

It is the third most visited theme park in the world. It has splendid attractions for you to see and enjoy. You will see the snow white adventure, the pirates of Caribbean, Cinderella fairy tale hall and many more things here

Tokyo Disneyland

Golden Gate Bridge:

It is the most visited and most photographed in the world. It the famous landmark if the united states. The splendid color of the bridge makes it more beautiful and the water below gives a fabulous way.

Golden Gate Bridge

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris:

It is the perfect example of gothic architecture. The cathedral is marked with crouching gargoyles, magnificent rose windows and soaring buttresses. Many people flocked toward it to seek calmness and peace.

notre dame cathedral paris


It is known as land of islands and a paradise for tourists. You will find a wonderful combination of turquoise water and sunny beaches. The lush green trees add to its beauty. Famous places here are sun island beach, Alimatha Island and Cocoa Island.


Sydney opera house:

It is one of the popular attractions in the world. The dramatic cantilevered roof and harbor setting are its distinctive features. You can enjoy the live performances here.

Sydney opera house

Eiffel tower Paris:

This iron lattice structure is the famous landmark of the Paris. Around 6 to 7 million people pay to authorities to reach at the top of the tower every year. You can enjoy a ride on glass elevator going up to 540 feet. Do not forget to take photos from the top and my tip to save your memories at Eiffel tower is to get canvas prints cheap of your photos here.

Eiffel tower Paris

Venice, Italy:

It is the most unique city in the world because it is floating city with many floods every year the other unique feature is that there are no cars and only boats are used for transportation. Do not forget to have a ride on water bus and see the palette come to life before your eyes in the morning.

venice italy