Top 10 Natural Home Remedies For Diabetes

Home Remedies For Diabetes

Natural remedies are a boon to all the diabetics. Diabetes has turned out to become the most common illness among individuals all over the world. The cells in our body receive the required fuel through glucose (a type of sugar). Insulin on the other hand is a hormone, which helps the glucose to enter in our body cells. However, a diabetic has insufficient insulin in his/her body. Further, his/her cells become resistant to insulin. This causes glucose buildup in your bloodstream instead of moving into the cells and thus, the body cells fall short of the required energy. To get more natural homemade remedies and proper diet plans for diabetic patients visit this website:

If untreated for a prolonged period, diabetes may eventually trigger severe complications such as eye, heart, kidney, and nerve damage. You can check out the website for understanding the symptoms, causes, and treatment of diabetes.

Fortunately, there are a few natural remedies that you can try at home, read further to find out top 10 remedies for diabetes:

1.  Grapefruits: Intake three grapefruits three times daily, as it will help to regulate as well as control your blood sugar levels. You may even consume grapefruit in juice form. For a diabetic, it is ideal to intake around half liter of grapefruit juice on a daily basis.

2.  Fenugreek Seeds: Make a uncouth powder or mixture of fenugreek seeds and intake one to two tablespoon with water every morning on a daily basis.

3.  Basil Leaves: Interesting! Chewing around eight to ten leaves of basil in morning assists greatly in controlling your blood sugar levels.

4.  Indian Gooseberry Juice: Mix up gooseberry juice with bitter gourd juice and intake one tbsp of the blended juice daily. It is a great home remedy for lowering the blood sugar levels.

5.  Curry Leaves: In case you are enduring from diabetes due to some hereditary factors, then it is advisable to intake around eight to ten curry leaves in the morning for a couple of months.

6.  Mango Leaves: Dry some mango leaves in shade. After drying them up, grind the dried leaves and make a powder. Take half teaspoon of the powder a couple of times daily, i.e. morning and evening.

7.  Neem Leaves: Dry some Neem leaves in a shade for some days. Further, make a powder of the dried leaves. Dilute one teaspoon of the powder with some pinches of cumin powder as well as carom seeds in milk and drink it down. Do this for a couple of months for best results.

8.  Java Plum: Take half a cup of full-grown java plum. Boil two cups of water, add the plums into the water, and cover it for around half an hour. Now mash the mixture well and have three moderate servings each day.

9.  Java Plum Kernel: Take some java plum seeds. Peel off the seeds to get the core or kernel. Now, let the kernels to dry in shade and then form a powder of the dried kernel. Take half teaspoon of the powder two times a day with water for one month.

10.  Bitter Gourd: Consumption of bitter gourd on a frequent basis as vegetable or in juice form is extremely beneficial for a person suffering from diabetes.

These are some simple yet effective home remedies for diabetes that you can try at your home.

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Natural Home Remedies For Diabetes