The Ten Best City Break Destinations In Europe

Best City Break Destinations

Anyone who lives in Europe is rather spoilt for choice when booking a short city break these days. All across the continent there are destinations which offer everything from ultra-modern cityscapes to medieval town centres that have changed little over the centuries. If you’re currently considering a little vacation in the coming months, here are ten of the very best options.


The UK’s wonderful capital is, quite possibly, the best city break destination in the world. The heady combination of historic buildings, familiar landmarks, iconic streets and tranquil parks often means there is nowhere enough time to see and do everything that might be on your itinerary. For any traveller, London is simply a must.


The City of Love has been welcoming visitors for many decades, and it continues to offer a unique experience to this day. Highlights include the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, and of course any number of chic fashionable stores. Thanks to its location, it’s within easy reach for people from all over the continent.


One of the most popular places in this stunning city is the Camp Nou football stadium, home of Barcelona FC, one of the biggest names in the world’s most popular sport. In and around the centre of Barcelona the passing tourist can’t help but notice the distinctive architecture of Antoni Gaudí, the noted leader of the Catalan Modernist movement.


Unlike any other city in Europe, Venice offers canals where most have streets, and bridges where most have sidewalks. The views of the Grand Canal from the crown of the Rialto Bridge are worth the effort alone, so make sure you bring your camera with you. The best way to get around is either on foot or by the Vaporetto water bus.


One of the first things any visitor to Edinburgh notices is that the history of the city is all around you. There are spectacular views across the urban landscape to be had from the grounds of the famous castle, which is located at the top of the Royal Mile. Edinburgh is also home to a number of impressive museums and art galleries.


If you like your cities to be hectic, bustling and wondrously exciting, then you will love Rome. The majestic capital of Italy is always buzzing, and it offers tourists the chance to see some of the most famous landmarks in the world up close and personal. The piece de resistance is undoubtedly the Colosseum in the very centre.


In order to be a wonderful short break destination, not every city has to be large and densely populated. Faro is located in eastern Portugal, and has remained something of a hidden gem over the years, but it’s definitely worth visiting. Among the most impressive landmarks is the stunning Bishop’s Palace.


In recent years, the delightful city of Krakow has become increasingly popular among the tourist community, and upon first sight it’s easy to see why. The centre is rather small so the major attractions are located conveniently close together, so you don’t have to have a punishing schedule to get the most out of what is regarded as Poland’s most attractive city.


There are a great many famous landmarks in Dublin, but most visitors would agree that the best way to get a flavour of the Irish capital is simply to walk around the centre of the city and soak up the sights and sounds. Among the many wonderful attractions, a visit to the famous Guinness Brewery should be at the top of everyone’s list.


The largest city in the Netherlands is home to several internationally known art galleries and museums, so if you’re a culture vulture you will have a great time here. The plethora of canals in and around the city centre means there are plenty of waterside bars, cafés and restaurants for when you want to sit down and refuel.

Destinations in Europe

David Showell is from the UK and has been a regular city break visitor for many years. He particularly likes Faro in Portugal.

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