The 3 Main Reasons Customers Leave Bad Reviews About Your Business


Online reviews have a massive impact on your business because consumers place so much importance on them. Most people will check online reviews before buying products or services and if they see lots of negative ones, they’re unlikely to continue with the sale.

Sometimes, mistakes are made and you’ll get the occasional bad review. However, if you are getting lots of bad reviews, you’re probably going wrong somewhere. Knowing the common reasons that people leave bad reviews can help you avoid them. So, why do customers keep leaving negative reviews?

Slow Delivery

In the age of next-day delivery, customers are very demanding. You don’t necessarily have to match next-day delivery, but you do need to be quick. If people are waiting up to a week, they’ll be frustrated and it’s even worse if you give them an expected delivery date and you don’t meet it.

If you are seeing a lot of late deliveries, there are a few things you can do. If you are handling the deliveries yourself, you may just need more drivers doing more routes. If the business is expanding, you need to expand the shipping operation with it. There are job boards for shipping work with hundreds of jobs posted on them. You can use these sites to find more drivers and make sure that you are fulfilling demand and customers are not waiting too long for deliveries.

Late deliveries are a bigger problem if you’re using a courier because they should be getting things shipped on time. If they are not, you need to change your courier immediately.

Bad Customer Service

Bad customer service is another common reason for bad reviews. If people feel that they aren’t being listened to or their problems are not being resolved quickly, they’ll tell you about it in online reviews. It might be that your customer service representatives are rude or they are not knowledgeable enough to solve the issue. Sometimes, it’s because people are made to wait on hold for a long time before they get an answer.

If you can, ask customers to fill out a short survey about their experience. You can look through the reviews to work out where the issues are too. If there are significant delays, you may need to hire more staff or invest in tools like live chat services.

Disappointing Products

Naturally, the product itself makes a huge difference. If the product isn’t up to scratch, people will be disappointed and they’ll leave bad reviews. These are the worst kinds of reviews because a poor customer service experience or a late delivery can be considered isolated issues, but a bad product is a bad product. You will always get some people that don’t like the product, so don’t be too concerned about a couple of negative reviews. However, if a lot of people feel let down by the product, you may need to consider a redesign.

Don’t ignore bad reviews because they are a great tool to have at your disposal. They show you where the problems in your business are, so you can make improvements and keep customers happy.

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