9 Space-Saving Gadgets For Your Dorm Room

Gadgets For Your Dorm Room

Are there chances that in future you are going to shift to the dorm room for a few years? This can be a really challenging time of the life especially for those, who do are not used to live outside their homes. Some are exciting about this new chapter of life while others may be quite nervous to meet new people and new place.

The first thing one might think about would be what electronics and gadgets to take with you. We all know space there in the dorm rooms is always limited. One has to adjust with roommates and therefore, you can just take selective things with you to that new place.

If you are worried what stuff to take with you, then here is the space saving solution available for every individual, who has to move to the dorm room for the coming days:

Space Bar

The very first device you can take is the space bar. It is desktop device that can be a hideout for your keyboard. There are 6 USB ports available to allow the users to connect whatever peripheral device they wish to.


The Phillips Fidelio DS1110/37

This can be placed on the side table near your bed. It will not just be an alarm clock but will also be charging your iPhone besides being your omni directional music player.

The Philips Fidelio DS1110-37

Canon Pixma iP100

Every student needs a printer in the dorm room. The Canon Pixma iP100 will be a perfect solution. This printer is easily portable. You can take it outside from your dorm room as well.

Brookstone Pocket Project Mobile

There is no way that a dorm room will have enough space to adjust a large TV. The Pocket projector will do the work, however. You can still enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies on this tiny model that will project up an image to 60 inches. It is lavish enough to make your life best even if you are living in a dorm room.

Brookstone Pocket Projector Mobile

Pivot Power Junior

There is always a problem of sharing sockets in the dorm room. Roommates always fight on charging their phone first or using the available sockets for their needs but with the Pivot Power Junior, you can solve that problem. It has a space saving design with plenty of sockets for the small size to fit. All your gadgets will remain juiced up whenever you will need them.

Pivot Power Junior

Nostalgia Electrics three in one Breakfast solution

This is a multi-tasking device. There is a mini girdle present there, with a toaster, an oven and even a coffee brewing selection in this little handy device. It can easily allow you to make your eggs and coffee readily.

Nostalgia Electrics three in one Breakfast solution

Altec Lansing The Jacket

It is a Bluetooth speaker that has a long lasting battery. Don’t go on its size and weight. It is less than a pound in weight. You can play music in your dorm room for 8 consecutive hours with this amazing speaker pack.

Altec Lansing The Jacket

Haier 1.7 Cubic Feet Freezer

It is a mini fridge model no. HCR17W, which will be perfect to make your dorm room a luxurious place. Nothing can be better than having a tiny freezer in your room with everything you need there to please you.

Haier 1.7 Cubic Feet Freezer

Dyson DC35 vacuum cleaner

How can you forget about cleaning? A dorm room will also need some cleaning. Dyson DC35 is the state of the art space saving vacuum cleaner that is rechargeable too. Just clean up the room and place it back. There won’t be any issue on adjusting it because of the huge size.

Dyson DC35 vacuum cleaner

All these gadgets are must have for all those, who are going to shift to the dorm room soon. Start saving up now till you gather enough money to get them all.

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